Our Mission

Lulu pioneered the sharing economy by providing free publishing tools so that everyone, everywhere, can share their knowledge and tell their story. Using cutting edge technology, we produce high quality eBooks and print-on-demand products via sustainable sourcing and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. Our employees are committed to making our communities and the world a better place by providing unrivaled customer service to one author, one idea, one book at a time. It’s part of our story. What’s yours?

How Lulu Works

Founded in 2002, Lulu.com revolutionised the publishing industry by introducing free online publishing to the world. For do-it-yourself authors, Lulu provides free tools for print and eBook creation, free ISBNs for identification, and free distribution to a global network of online bookstores. Other than a proof copy to approve, there are no minimum purchases for authors and no hidden fees.

Lulu’s cutting edge print-on-demand technology reduces waste by printing books only after they have been purchased. This not only preserves our natural resources, but it also eliminates the need for authors to maintain costly inventories. As a result, books are shipped directly from the printer to the reader – saving trees, energy, and storage costs.

About Our Name

We get asked this question a lot, so let us explain. The dictionary defines a lulu as a remarkable person, object or idea. And here at Lulu, our mission is to help remarkable people create and share their remarkable ideas with the world.