The POEM Method of Book Marketing (Part 1)

For many authors the task of book marketing is confusing or something they just don’t want to do. However, without marketing, it is virtually impossible for your book to be discovered. So, I would like to share with you a simple framework I have developed to help you create an effective integrated marketing plan for your book.

Marketing is easier if you remember this POEM

The framework is easy to remember because it is the acronym POEM.

The P stands for publicity
The O stands for online
The E stands for events
The M stands for multimedia

Every successful, integrated marketing campaign includes these activities, and when deployed together as I suggest, you can be significantly more effective with your book marketing efforts.

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Don’t Write Alone: Author Learning Center

You may have noticed the Lulu Blog featuring posts from Keith with the Author Learning Center. Here’s the last two he published:

If you’ve read those posts and took a minute or two checking out the Author Learning Center, you probably have a good sense of what the site aims to accomplish. They provide tools, encouragement, and advice for authors at all levels. That means from the most novice of authors just penciling ideas to the author with multiple publications under their belt, the ALC has something to offer.

What might you wonder? Well, read on and find out!

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The 5 essential elements of a great story


As part of my career over the past decade, I’ve had the enjoyable opportunity to interact with most of the Big Five publishers in the U.S. and around the globe, as well as a multitude of Hollywood agents and producers. During those conversations, I’ve found they both have a very similar set of criteria they look for when trying to find the next great story for page or screen. Sadly, what they tell me is most of what they read lacks one or more of the five critical elements which are essential to every great story.

So what are those vital elements they look for?

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