The POEM Method of Book Marketing (Part 1)

For many authors the task of book marketing is confusing or something they just don’t want to do. However, without marketing, it is virtually impossible for your book to be discovered. So, I would like to share with you a simple framework I have developed to help you create an effective integrated marketing plan for your book.

Marketing is easier if you remember this POEM

The framework is easy to remember because it is the acronym POEM.

The P stands for publicity
The O stands for online
The E stands for events
The M stands for multimedia

Every successful, integrated marketing campaign includes these activities, and when deployed together as I suggest, you can be significantly more effective with your book marketing efforts.

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Let’s Get Social: Social Media Day 2018 [bonus Instagram tips!]


Social Media Day (#SMDay) is almost upon us! Saturday will mark the 9th Social Media Day since Mashable started the tradition in 2010.

So what is Social Media Day? Well, since Mashable created the day, I’ll let them define it for us:

“Mashable launched Social Media Day as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Today, social media is the heart of global communication; and since its inception, Mashable’s been using social media to connect between cultures, movements and super-fandom.”

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10 Key Ways to Tighten Your Manuscript Before You Send It to Your Editor


You’ve completed your manuscript. That’s the hard part out of the way. Now it’s up to your Editor to clean it up, fix all your mistakes, and turn it into a bestseller. That’s their job, right?


You should never send a manuscript to your editor without first running through several (at least!) rounds of editing yourself. Your editor’s real job is to make suggestions that will strengthen the core ideas of your piece, not to spend hours fixing amateur mistakes that you should have caught yourself.

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Don’t Write Alone: Author Learning Center

You may have noticed the Lulu Blog featuring posts from Keith with the Author Learning Center. Here’s the last two he published:

If you’ve read those posts and took a minute or two checking out the Author Learning Center, you probably have a good sense of what the site aims to accomplish. They provide tools, encouragement, and advice for authors at all levels. That means from the most novice of authors just penciling ideas to the author with multiple publications under their belt, the ALC has something to offer.

What might you wonder? Well, read on and find out!

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How to Rock Your Author Website


I bet you hear this a lot: “Authors need an author website.” It’s one of the more common and oft-repeated lines coming from every book marketing and publishing industry expert. Website, website, website. You HAVE to have one.

If you’re hoping I might offer a different opinion, you’re sadly out of luck. If you’re a self-published author and you want to drive sales of your book, you really need an author website. No way around it.

Instead of lamenting the hassle of building and maintaining a web presence, I’m offering some advice and best practices for building your website.

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10 Books Your Dad Will Love for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up fast! Get your dad a memorable gift this year to let him know what a great dad he is.

This year, instead of buying your dad a t-shirt or a power tool or a fishing rod, consider getting him a book. The wonderful thing about books is that they last. Reading the book will remind your dad you thought of him on father’s day, and years down the road that book will still be a reminder on the bookshelf.

Or maybe you take it to the next level and create a personalized book. A photobook capturing moments you shared, a story tailored to your dad, a calendar with family holidays and photos—books offer versatile and meaningful ways to show your loved ones how much you care.

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The anatomy of the explosive YA Genre

Young Adult (YA) fiction has enjoyed a resounding surge in popularity over the past two decades. Pinpointing exactly why YA fiction has become so popular is no simple or clear task, but there are a number of factors that contributed to the growth of the YA genre.

If you’re a writing in the YA genre, understanding the nuances that propelled YA books can give you the edge to stand out from the crowd. Today, we’re going to examine the facets of YA fiction that make it so popular and the elements you should be thinking about as you craft your book.

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